DAVE FELCE - "Where The Carp Have No Name"

The Irish Fly Fair - Killyhevlin Hotel, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh
18th & 19th November 2023

“I mostly write about not catching fish. My English teacher always told me to write what you know…”

Dave Felce (aka ‘Corsican Dave’; his family is originally from Corsica) has been enthusiastically not catching fish for over 50 years and writing about it for quite a few! He is an applied biologist and has had a varied career as a mountaineering instructor, an international purchasing manager and fishing guide.

Despite his claims to the contrary, he’s no slouch when it comes to fly fishing. Although probably best known for promoting the pursuit of wild and feral carp with a fly rod, he’s caught over 1000 pike on the fly, in addition to many other species such as barbel, black bass and the awe inspiring golden dorado. He discovered saltwater fly fishing and kayak fishing over 20 years ago and has always relished exploring off the beaten track.

A passionate advocate for fly fishing, exploration and nature, Dave has presented at many events and is an ambassador for both the Wild Carp Trust and Charles Jardine’s charity Fishing 4 Schools. Appointed as Ambassador for Gouldfish Custom Rods he was instrumental in the design of the world’s first production fly rod specifically for carp; the Car’poon. He is on the committee of the River Spey Anglers Association.

Dave’s writing and photography has featured in Trout Fisherman, Flyfishing & Fly Tying and Fly Culture magazines, and in numerous places on the internet. He writes in the same way he fishes, from the heart; describing places, people and culture as lovingly as the fish he pursues. His images show a deep understanding of his craft and are inspirational in their own right. Dave says, “My aim, with both my photography and my writing, is to make folks think, “Hell yeah!! I want to be there!” And if I can engage with non-anglers as well, so much the better!”

Fear Of A Carp Planet

Fear Of A Carp Planet is an entertaining and thought provoking exploration of fly fishing for one of the most accessible and exciting freshwater fish, dating from mediaeval times.

Starting with a brief history, Dave Felce (Corsican Dave) outlines the prejudices and misconceptions around the species as a target for your fly rod. He also demonstrates why certain elements of the fishing industry have a vested interest in influencing your views, not necessarily in a positive way!

Dave then describes the location, habits and biology of the carp, and how these characteristics influence tackle selection, fly design and the practicalities of fly fishing for them; hopefully inspiring you to give it a try!
(45-60 minutes)

Email: dave.felce01@gmail.com

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