Seattle, USA

The Irish Fly Fair - Killyhevlin Hotel, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh  
16th & 17th November 2024

Join LINDA BACHAND at the Irish Fly Fair

Linda Bachand at The Irish Fly Fair 2023

I've always been a creative person - I am a graphic designer and enjoy working with colours, textures, detail and the selection of materials. As I began to settle into tying, it was the Atlantic Salmon Fly that intrigued me and held my fascination. I tie many Classics and appreciate their beauty, balance and proportion, but also enjoy spreading my wings into the Creative Salmon Fly arena where I can experiment with some of the more exotic feathers and technical challenges but keep the design within the realm of classic elements. Classic tying teaches one techniques and balance which are also of importance in the creative realm. One can tie an artistic fly, but if the balance and technique is not there, the beauty of the fly suffers.

I am intrigued and inspired by various elements of the classic flies. The beauty and craftsmanship of the hook will affect the look of the fly. Small details make a fly memorable … a slight bend to a jungle cock feather, the shape and markings – and how it draws the eye to the flow of the fly. Although there are various styles, according to tradition, there is always the individual style of a particular tyer that shines through. Rarely do two people tie a fly that looks identical. Discovering the details that different tyers use to create beautiful flow in their flies is always enlightening. The individuality and details are what I am always striving to improve and balance. Tying is an ever-evolving activity. We are constantly taking on new techniques, while giving up those that no longer serve our individual styles.

I became a member of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild (NWASFG) in the Seattle area and enjoy the camaraderie of those who have a passion for these flies. So many of them have inspired me in different ways. Participating in many international shows is a particular interest of mine. I enjoy meeting new and old friends around the world, sharing my work with them and in the process, always learning something from each show. Each year has been an even greater experience than the year before – the people I meet, the friends I see, the talent on display at each table, the techniques every one of us pick up. The shows in which I participate have an international focus.

Tyer and presenter at ASFI 2016
British Fly Fair International – multiple years
Irish Fly Fair (Galway, multiple years)
London Fly Fair (2)
Scottish Fly Fair (Sterling)
EWF (Furstenfeldbruck, Germany)
Atlantic Salmon Fly International (ASFI) – Seattle (2)
Miramichi NB SIM Fly Festival (Castel di Sangro, Italy) (2)
and others

My classic and artistic fly tying was featured in the Winter 2016 issue of H20 Magazine (Italy) with an article and pictoral. I was also one of the featured tyers in the recently published “Nexxus” book about salmon and the art of the salmon fly and the upcoming Klaus Woggon book. I have been a guest tyer in Fairbanks, Alaska and also was a demo tyer at Orvis in Bellevue, WA during the Bellevue Arts Fair. Travel is a highlight of my fly tying, forging new friendships and sharing a bit of my approach to fly tying in our common element.
A new venue in Northern Ireland for the 2023 Irish Fly Fair will bring a renewed spirit for the art of fly tying. May the tradition long continue!

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