26th FEBRUARY 2023

Pat Mulholland – an appreciation from APGAI Ireland

Pat left us on 26th February 2023. He is missed by his family and his many friends in the angling community.

Born a native of the Glens and always close to his home town, Cushendall, Pat remained a great lover of the area and of its main sports, fishing and hurling. Pat was one of Ireland’s foremost fly-fishing instructors and alongside the late Peter O’Reilly was a driving force in the foundation of APGAI Ireland. He served on our committee for many years and finally as our President until his passing. It was a great honour to have someone of Pat’s stature at the head of the organisation. He was remarkable in angling circles, being the first person in Ireland to qualify at advanced level in all 3 disciplines of single and double handed casting along with fly dressing.

Many of you will remember Pat’s willingness to help and advise; though often his advice would be enriched with entertaining but relevant anecdotes of his past experiences. He taught hundreds of anglers both basic and advanced skills in casting and fly dressing. The Irish Fly Fair has many of his former pupils demonstrating their skills at this show. He loved the Irish Fly Fair, its camaraderie, and the opportunity to meet friends old and new. Personally (TG), he advised me well and often, in my journey to qualify as an instructor. One of my prized possessions is a wonderfully delicate and precise size 14 wet Greenwell’s Glory which he tied for me. I fancy there was never a better one tied.

Rest in peace Pat

Arthur Greenwood & Trevor Greene 2023

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